Energetic Choices

I've had a lot of people asking me about all these influxes of energy we've been receiving. We had another huge wave come in starting Tuesday night an in through today. The main reason we've been having SOOO many HUGE rushes of new energy is because the ASKING has been so great!! With everything that has been going on across the entire world for the past several months the ENERGY of DESIRE has been IMMENSE! As that asking continues to GROW the response to that asking increases as well and comes back to us in FLOODS of HIGH ENERGY frequencies. There are 2 major ways we can respond to that energy. If we are clogged up and gunked up with fear and resistance and worry then when these waves of energy MEET that resistance there's often a major physical response on the collision. ALL THAT ENERGY HAS TO FIND A WAY THROUGH!! So our RESISTANCE may show up in the physical body as increased PAIN, LETHARGY, and ANXIETY goes through the roof. Any fear based thoughts the mind is chewing on get more intense or overwhelming BECAUSE the energy moving through the body is SOOO intense. You may even experience a full body breakdown or sickness will come to the surface as all your resistance is clearing. However, once this happens and your RESISTANCE gets washed out of the way you then have access to a HUGE amount of new vibrational energy which you can then UTILIZE for beneficial movement forward. This is the ANSWER to all the ASKING that's been happening on the planet. The second response occurs for you when you're in a place of NON-RESISTANCE and the energy floods in and you SUDDENLY have access to HUGE vibrational resources. Your spiritual alignment increases, your synchronicities increase and you have access to a great reservoir of unprecedented spiritual strength and stamina. This is REALLY the ideal situation to be experiencing during these times of ramped up energy. However, there's NO JUDGEMENT for whatever way this energy is moving through you. BECAUSE ULTIMATELY it is ALL benefiting you in MAJOR WAYS, whether you're on the CLEARING end of the stick or the EMPOWERMENT end of the stick, it all leads to the same place of HUGE GROWTH and MOVEMENT FORWARD! That all being said, there is a THIRD way we can respond to this energy. In our awareness of WHAT is happening we can make a choice to just allow ourselves to feel the EMPOWERMENT side and not go through the CLEARING of the RESISTANCE aspect!!! Abraham often talks about LAYING NEW PIPES. And this is the perfect analogy for what is happening now. It isn't necessary and sometimes not even feasible to force this energy through the clogged up resistance we are carry around with us in our OLD RUSTY PIPING system. So why not just LET ALL of that go and LAY NEW PIPES to allow this energy to come through and INVIGORATE you fully and completely. So then what does that mean? Lay new pipes? How does one not keep running energy through all the old systems of our body mind field complex? By LETTING GO of OLD LIMITING belief patterns and THOUGHT patterns. We are so used to thinking about things the way we always have we believe that we have to TROD THROUGH TRIALS in order to experience growth and resolution. That's JUST NOT TRUE!! You can shift your experience RIGHT NOW in THIS MOMENT by letting go of the fear the anxiety and the doubts and just TRUST THE PROCESS. Either way you're going to get to the same place, but at least the journey will be more enjoyable. Let's let go of our RESISTANCE and our WAR AGAINST... and start allowing this incredible flow of energy to wash over us and enthusiastically move forward utilizing this incredible amount of energy to EMPOWER and STRENGTHEN us rather than beat us down and exhaust us because we keep fighting against it with our own doubts and fear. The JOY IS in the JOURNEY! So lets enjoy this incredible life we are living! There is SOO SOO much to be thankful and appreciative of! And MUCH MUCH MORE is on the way! Big Hugs & Aloha!

Brian Borell - Spirit Speaker

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