The Season of Fear

October 27, 2019

Over the last couple weeks I have noticed an increase in my own personal anxiety about life, my health, my business, my finances, my relationships (or lack thereof) and to top it all off I've been having crazy dark dreams that seem to be bringing up my worst fears. As I look at my life objectively I have no 'immediate' reason to be feeling any kind of fear. Everything in this moment is fine or better. In fact, if I would compare my situation to last year at this same time, I would say things are significantly better. So then why am I feeling such anxiety? I've chatted with others who are feeling a similar increase in anxious thoughts and fears, so I contemplated whether it might be a universal influx or shift in energy. Others I've heard point to 'Scorpio season' and give it all an astrological excuse. Maybe it's a bit of both. As I checked in with Spirit to ask for advice I was given this simple answer. “You've fallen out of the moment...” What does that mean?? “Fallen out of the moment...” I always love when my guides give me such 'cryptic' advice then expect me to decipher it. Haha. But I knew it was important. They rarely give me such a succinct and precise answer so I wanted to allow the response to sink in and really discover what it meant for me. As I began to really contemplate what they said and then thought about the reason for the fears and anxiety I had been having, it clearly dawned on me that everything, absolutely everything I had been feeling fear about was all “WHAT Ifs....” Nothing was happening NOW. Every single BIT of anxiety I was feeling was about a projected thought of a POSSIBLE UNWANTED outcome, future or experience. Not a single one of the fears was about something I was CURRENTLY experiencing. When I pull myself back into the NOW moment I realize things are actually pretty good. Sure, there are some things that I want that are missing, there's some things that I still want to do or add to my day-to-day living, but I know they are coming and I'm actually quite content with my current life situation. IN THIS MOMENT I have absolutely nothing to feel any kind of fear or anxiety about. It's only when I project myself into the future of the unknown that I put myself into a place of anxiety and fear. So I asked myself WHY am I doing that?


Well, maybe it's the season itself. Horror movies on TV, gravestones and skeletons decorating the houses around the block. Death is at every doorstep and a 'contemplation' of your inevitable future demise is staring us in the face at every corner. But, I don't fear death. I know and recognize that death is merely a doorway to another dimension, a shift of the energy from a physically focused being to a spirit focused being. So I began to contemplate FEAR itself. What is FEAR exactly? What is ANXIETY exactly? It's rarely about what IS happening to you, but most often it's about what MAY happen to you. Fear and anxiety is about the unknown and your BELIEF that what is coming will be UNWANTED, painful, hurtful, overwhelming, devastating... Ah!!! There it is! Fear and anxiety is the mind focused on a BELIEF of the POTENTIAL for something UNWANTED. Why is it that we as human beings are so often focused in the direction of WHAT COULD GO WRONG, instead of using this amazing imaginatively capable mind to focus in the direction of WHAT COULD GO RIGHT! We are so often in a defensive mode of trying to STOP WHAT IS WRONG, or DEFEND AGAINST what could attack us that we live our lives in constant fear and trepidation of the next devastating experience. Why not shift that mindset to excitement for the next INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! Why not take as much time as we do contemplating what could go wrong and instead IMAGINE AND DREAM about what could go right. People say you must face reality, you must prepare for the worst, you must defend yourself against evil. But I say why can't you look at what's gone right, prepare for the best and bolster and support all the good people, situations and circumstances in your life?!?! I challenge you for ONE WEEK, just ONE WEEK to speak ONLY about what you want and what GOOD things are happening for you in your life. And if nothing good is happening at the moment, then I challenge you to only speak about what GOOD things you WANT to happen. Let's see if we can do it together. And don't condemn anyone who is still stuck in their old anxious ways of behaving, cause even that will take you out of it. Just change the topic, talk about what is GOOD, talk about what you want! See the world in the way you WANT to see it. Maybe we can FINALLY shift our focus from the UNWANTED to the WANTED. Take the TRICK out of your HALLOWEEN, everyone knows it's ALL CANDY baby!

Big Hugs & Aloha


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