Energy Update: Sputter Start

March 29, 2019

I just wanted to send out a quick energy update. This is for everyone who participated in last month's Re-balance, Re-align, Re-vitalize Language of Light Gathering last month, and anyone who is paying close attention to the energy cycles that are happening on the planet currently. Right now we are in the 'Sputter Start' phase that I had mentioned during our session last month. Starting this week and into next week you may be feeling huge energy fluctuations. This begins with intense incoming energy that propels you into inspired action where you're going nonstop. You feel like you've finally got your Mojo back and everything has started moving again. Then suddenly out of nowhere, you have a day when you don't even want to move at all and it seems like everything has clogged up again. This is then followed by another new influx of energy and you're off to the races once more. The 'up down' sputter start energy can feel perplexing because when you're in the flow again the inspiration is so invigorating and since it's been awhile since you've felt that charged up energy it's very intoxicating. Then, when it suddenly stops again and you're feeling the lack of spark it's confusing. The tendency is to want to power through that lack of inspiration and get back into the habit of forced action instead of following your inspired thoughts. DON'T do that. Allow yourself to relax into this flow. It will come back at a steady pace again eventually, but let it rev up on its own. Don't force it. When you need to rest and relax, do that. When you feel inspired to action again, follow that inspiration. We are still re-patterning our energy at this time and so even though that phase is almost over it's not completely finished and so the 'down-time' is vital for the final 'locking in' of the new energy patterns. If you force it before it's time and you're fully ready to move forward you may find yourself getting blocked, physically ill or even set back forcefully in order to keep you from moving too quickly into the new energy patterns. You can imagine this shift like waves coming on shore. As the water moves in and you feel energized and inspired to act, follow those waves of action. Then, when the waves recede and you're compelled to rest and relax, be OK with being still again. This 'Sputter Start' energy will balance out soon and the Spring Propulsion will be fully engaged. Just allow yourself to ease into it one day at a time.


I'll be doing Spring Propulsion readings again next week at Mystic Float in Canton, Ohio. If you're interested in scheduling a session with me, you can book an appointment on my website at

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