In 2019 I was inspired to do a CROSS COUNTRY ROAD TRIP across America to various sacred locations around the country.  I was inspired to speak LANGUAGE of LIGHT at these special places and allow the energy of the EARTH and the SPIRIT BEINGS that inhabited those areas to SPEAK BACK to me.  That trip was then chronicled here through the videos and audio captures of my journeys along the way.  That trip had such a powerful impact on my personal life both emotionally and spiritually that I decided I wanted to share those experiences with others.  That is what has inspired me to start offering SPIRITUAL RETREATS at many of the various locations that I visited along the way. 


The FIRST of these retreats will take place at MT. SHASTA, California. 
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And so it begins...

          Many of you know I have been planning a cross country road trip from California back to Ohio. My original plan was to stop in big cities along the way and do Language of Light gatherings, but as I began to piece my route together I could feel Spirit moving me to the more rural, natural locations. The Redwood Forest in CA, then Mt. Shasta, up to Crater Lake, Yellowstone, Old Faithful and the Grand Tetons, down into Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. I was being called. I could feel it. Suddenly my trip was taking a way different turn than I had originally expected and I was being sent back to nature. “What is this about?” I was asking Spirit. “I thought I was supposed to connect with the people and bring them Language of Light and Spirit Communication??? But these places are national parks, campgrounds and natural wonders?” It wouldn't be long until I would receive my answer.

          Being on Maui housesitting for my brother had allowed me to really get back to my center. I had long days where I could just connect to nature and meditate. During one of my meditation sessions I was contemplating the protestors on Mauna Kea and sending them love and protection. In my visualization I saw the line of people standing across the road and then I saw the great mountain rise up behind them. As they were standing there, the earth began to open up with vines and trees and the people standing in solitude with the mountain began to merge with the vines and trees and became rooted in the ground itself. MAN & MOUNTAIN becoming one!!! When the people merged with the mountain the mountain became greater and so did each individual that became a part of the mountain. It was an incredible visual. I later asked Spirit about this powerful vision and the message I received was this...

“Human kind has lost their connection to the earth. Those who once were stewards of the land have been overcome and the people no longer FEEL the earth that they are living upon. Even many who venture out into nature use her as merely a back-drop for their devices, to check off a list of places they have seen, or to post an impressive selfie on facebook or instagram. This is why the Hawai'ian people fight now to keep the sacred energy alive on Mauna Kea. This is not about a telescope, or science or money, this is about the people's connection to the land and the sacred duty we all have to enrich and respect her. Everything we have exists because of the natural resources that the earth beneath our feet provides for our daily living. It is of vital importance that we reconnect to this LIVING, BREATHING, FORCE that creates these infinite possibilities.”

          I asked Spirit “What can I do? How can I enrich the earth and help bring back the sacred energy and human connection that has been lost?” I shut my eyes and waited for an answer. Soon I saw a vision of myself sitting in a lotus position in darkness. I started speaking Language of Light and the energy around my body started to glow. Then, out of the darkness, I began to see the many beautiful sites I've been to in and around the Hawaiian islands. As the Language of Light flowed through me, the intensity and brightness of each of these locations grew greater as well. Then the scene shifted to the California Redwoods. I could see and feel the massive trees surround my spirit body and begin towering over me, then beautiful falls at Mt. Shasta, and various lakes and rivers that I had never visited with my physical body. The scenes kept flashing from one location to the next and I remained still in the center speaking the Divine words of Spirit. As the visions began to fade I knew very clearly what I was meant to be doing. I'm to connect in all of these natural locations and speak the Divine Language of Light. First as personal human connection, then to offer spiritual realignment, reenergizing and enriching energy from Spirit to the land and finally (and maybe most importantly) as a powerful way for these natural areas of the world to SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE BACK through me.

          So that is what I did. I was inspired by Spirit to spend 4 weeks traveling doing Language of Light sessions and channeling messages from nature in all of the sacred places I visited.  The first part of these sessions was me connecting with nature in each location offering Language of Light for realignment and enrichment of the earth's energy in that area.  Then I translated messages from the nature energies in each of these places to speak back through me whatever messages they have for the earth's inhabitants at this time. I recorded these Language of Light sessions and am offering them now as an account of my journey.  These Language of Light video messages were uploaded here and were originally only available online to anyone who made a $20 love donation to help support me on that pilgrimage.  These are now available for all my students who have signed up for my SPIRITUAL RETREATS, starting with the
MT. SHASTA FALL RETREAT.  We will be visiting a lot of these sacred locations and doing LANGUAGE of LIGHT on location just as I did during my original journey!  This is such a powerful way to re-connect with nature and I think it's something we are all needing at this time!  Big Hugs & Aloha - Brian