Spiritual Wave

Energy Shift Happening:

If you're currently feeling any of the following symptoms you MAY be experiencing a reaction to another big energy shift that we are currently moving through:

  1. A generalized sense of anxiety,

  2. A sadness that you can't pinpoint with any specific reason,

  3. A sense of loneliness, but still not wanting to be with others,

  4. An extreme sense of fatigue or tiredness, not wanting to do much, sleeping a lot, yawning all the time.

  5. Vegging out. Watching TV or movies. Feeling most comfortable just doing nothing, and then feeling slightly guilty about it which increases the anxiety and sadness.

These are the PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL effects of a new wave of energy that's coming. In 2019 we had a MAJOR shift mentally and emotionally, in 2020 we saw the effects of that shift PHYSICALLY which revealed itself in the manifestation of a global pandemic. In 2021 we are ALL shifting SPIRITUALLY! This SPIRITUAL shift is being felt in the body as a NEED to retreat, to be alone or to RE-ALIGN with ONESELF. This energy will pass soon! In the meantime do the following to help process this energy.

  1. Meditate. Take the time to connect and align with source by clearing the thoughts of your mind and just becoming ONE with your SPIRITUAL SELF

  2. Sleep! Give yourself permission to nap, to sleep long nights, then nap again. You're productive MOST OF THE YEAR, give yourself a break for once. It's ok to TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF to DO NOTHING occasionally, or maybe even for a week or two or three.

  3. I've been eating healthier foods or LIGHTER. While I sometimes will binge eat while I watch TV and veg out, I'm vegging out with veggies (haha) or orange slices. Anything with a higher vibrational energy food. I just eat 'lighter' in general and cut down portions when I can. And I'm drinking LOTS of water. LOTS AND LOTS of water.

  4. GET IN THE WATER – Bubble Baths, soaking in the tub, hot showers, if you're in a warm climate jump in the ocean or a lake, waterfall. CONNECT WITH THE WATER.

  5. Massages – Splurge on a good massage. And if you're not ready to go out for one, give yourself a good foot rub, or massage your hands. This is extremely beneficial for helping move congested energy.

  6. DEEP BREATHING! I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again. Wearing masks all the time is effecting our NATURAL inclination to BREATH DEEPLY! So it's important that we counteract that with nice and easy relaxed DEEP BREATHING sessions. Make it a meditation or just NOTICE when you are breathing shallow and make a CONCENTRATED effort to start breathing in NICE DEEP EASY BREATHS.

  7. Focus ON YOU! Love yourself, treat yourself, pamper yourself, give yourself what you need!

This will all sort itself out in the next month or two. And as we move into Spring we are going to be having a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING of sorts as this NEW ENERGY moves in fully and completely. By Summer and Fall we will have an entirely new perspective on our lives and may even find ourselves in an ENTIRELY different situation completely. This new SPIRITUAL ENERGY WAVE that is coming through will be the CULMINATION of all we have been experiencing over the last 2 years and will SOLIDIFY our energy in the new PARADIGM. The full re-alignment of BODY MIND AND SPIRIT in this new HIGHER / CLEARER dimensional space!

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