If you think you are helping out another by pointing out their ‘wrongdoings’, you are in fact only creating discord for both yourself and the other. The new age community is rife with people who want to tell you what you’re doing wrong, what foods you should or shouldn’t eat, what chemicals you shouldn’t touch or consume, what words you should or shouldn’t say, what places you should or shouldn’t go. A lot of us have left the religions we grew up in because of the rules and regulations they put in place only to adopt a bunch of new ones that another group of people are trying to tell you what to do with yourself and your body. Now I’m not saying there isn’t benefit to some of that information and if it resonates with you that’s great, but it’s not your responsibility to preach, correct or convince anyone else to do the same. Ask yourself this question. What energy am I coming from when I point out to another what is wrong with them and the choices they are making? Judgement? Anger? Fear for their safety? Fear for their soul? Fear for their physical well-being? And what does the person you are scolding or correcting or ‘trying to teach’ feel? Guilt, embarrassment, fear, confusion, pressure. None of these are positive feeling emotions, so you know those messages aren’t coming from Source. Source would never judge you, never warn you about harm. Source knows that when you are aligned and connected no harm can ever come to you. It’s only when we’re in a place of fear and resistance and disallowing that we are susceptible to discord in our body mind and spirit. And that’s only because we are blocking the flow of Source with our thoughts and fears. As a spiritual teacher I understand the need and desire to want to help people out, want to ‘show them the error of their ways’. But it’s not my place to judge anyone or the choices they are making. Even if I disagree, I don’t know the reason behind those choices or background that they’re coming from, so it’s never my place to be in judgement. Even when I believe something else. That being said, as a teacher I do use my platform to share my truth about what I have come to know through my studies, personal understanding and channeling of Spirit. And I will always share what I have learned with anyone who asks and wants to know. But I always do my best to allow them to come to their own conclusions about what they believe to be the truth. Even if it doesn’t always coincide with mine. And it’s not always easy, because I have strong convictions about what I know to be truth. We are all learning and growing every day. And what I know to be truth has evolved and grown through the years as my understanding grows. And I know it will continue to evolve and grow, because that’s how Source works. Source is always calling you to greater and deeper understanding with love and compassion. Never scolding you or correcting you for wrongdoing. The only one who punishes us is us! Through our guilt and fear and judgement of one another. Spirit isn’t doing any of that. Spirit is just loving, soothing, calling us to deeper and deeper levels of understanding, to deeper and deeper knowledge of truth to deeper and deeper expressions of the clarity of our connection to Creator Source Energy. And that is truly our only role as teachers. As companions. As lovers and friends. To help each other see the beautiful perfected beingness that they are and to help call them forward to that with love and compassion. So be it and so it is done.

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