Happy NEW DAY!

I'm going to air a little bit of a pet peeve I've been having recently with some posts I'm seeing about what a terrible year 2020 has been. First of all, if you had a terrible 2020 and you think that there's going to be some magical shift that happens in 2021 to 'take it all away' then you're in for a very disappointing year. 2020 was actually an incredible year. So much opportunity for growth and re-birth that is happening all around the planet in ways we have never experienced before. Yes, it has been a struggle for some and others have made their transition during this unprecedented time, but so much good will be born out of this shake-up of our day to day lives that the world we live in will be changed beyond recognition in VERY POSITIVE and BENEFICIAL ways! The second phrase I keep seeing that's really bugging me is this idea of the “GREAT SHIFT”. While I understand the sentiment in this concept, I don't buy into this idea that we are in some spectacular SPECIAL time that outshines all other times. Yes, certainly we are experiencing new ideas and concepts and our making huge growth in our development as a species, but that's WHAT WE HAVE ALWAYS been doing! Look throughout our history as a country and as a world from generation to generation we have grown MORE AND MORE AND MORE! That's the whole reason we are on this planet, to shift energy to EXPAND and to become MORE than what we were before. In making it seem as though we are a part of something SPECIAL that has never been before you are discounting all the incredible shifting that has occurred ALREADY that has allowed us to BE WHERE WE ARE NOW!! Of course we are growing, of course we are shifting, of course it's ALL NEW and EXCITING! That's how it always is throughout all history and time! CHANGE, GROWTH, EXPANSION, CHANGE GROWTH, EXPANSION. And this isn't all going to end in some happy peaceful united world of KUMBAYAH! There will always be those that do not agree with you and there will always be contrast and that IS GOOD! Contrast is what allows us to become more and more and more in the first place. Yes, please change! Yes, please grow! Yes, please shift! And LOVE more and HELP more and be TOGETHER more. But don't make it be such a THING! This is just the NATURAL progression of our species on this planet. Enjoy what is happening and keep expressing the purity of who you are! That's the most important thing! And make EVERY DAY as spectacular as you can! That way the rest of your 2020 and 2021 and 2022 and every year from here and beyond will be SPECIAL! Big Hugs & Aloha! - Happy New Day! Brian Borell - Spirit Speaker

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