Finding Your Light

I noticed over the last week several of my Facebook posts had a common theme of reconnecting to your center and finding your light. I've decided to put those writing together here in one blog post. If you're on Facebook and have seen my recent posts some of this will be familiar to you. If not, please enjoy...

What's on your mind Brian? Good question Facebook... I was thinking about this just today when I suddenly realized how much of my own time I spend 'regurgitating' the same worried thoughts over and over. I've placed "RE-DIRECT" stickers all over my work space and my car to remind myself to check my thoughts and 're-direct'. I realized how habitual my thoughts have become and knew I needed to remind myself to choose a thought that feels better. It seems like such a simple concept, but if your really stop and 'think' about how much time you are spending during your day focused on your 'concerns' it might shock you. It did me. Doesn't take much time to 're-direct' and the vibrational shift you will feel the more often you do will create a new momentum of positive flow into your day to day experience.

If you’re feeling spacey or not quite together, possibly even a bit dizzy at times, check your grounding. This can happen when your focused thought has been on too many worries or concerns. You are vibrationally attempt to 'escape your pain' by disconnecting or pulling away from the earth energetically. Thanks to one of my students I discovered my earth star chakra was off balance. This can also happen after traumatic experiences or just repeated micro bursts of shock panic or trauma. We attempt to escape that trauma by disconnecting from the earth vibrationally speaking. That can then leave us feeling spacey, tired and even dizzy or disoriented energetically. Couple ways to re-ground yourself is by stating your full name and commanding or ordering yourself back fully into your body or by sending energy toward the earth and intending yourself to re-establish connection to it. Another great method of grounding is walking barefoot in the grass, beach or a stream. Many of us have been dealing with a lot of ‘fear-based’ energy which can leave us feeling vulnerable and disconnected. This is a great way to re-establish that bond and trust that Spirit is taking care of you.

Another way I've been keeping myself grounded with Source and shifting my thoughts is by playing the "Wouldn't it be nice if..." game. If you're having trouble finding a thought that feels better try playing it. This wonderful process taught be Esther Hicks through Abraham helps you to shift your mind toward your desires. Whenever you're struggling to find something to focus on that feels good, try the following... Speak the words in your mind... Wouldn't it be nice IF... and fill it in with what you most desire. I've been doing this a lot lately and have been finding not only am I getting into a better feeling place, but I'm also seeing some of my 'Wouldn't it be nice if..." desires manifesting in real time. It's quite exciting when you start to see this happen.

Too often I believe we let what others do affect us in ways that keep us from staying centered and connected to Source. When you are looking for things to feel good about in others you will find others become co-operative components to help bring about what you want and desire in your life. When you look at others and point out wrong doings or fight against them, more people show up ready and willing to push against you. Where is your focus? What are you seeing in others? If there’s disruption in your own life that’s a good indication that you’re focused on opposition. If there’s ease and flow in your life that’s a good indicator that you’re on the right track. Let me quietly remind you there is no ‘dark force of evil’ that must be fought against by ‘the light’. We are not in battle against the ‘evil doers’. Everyone at their source is of the light and love. Some have lost their way, some have blocked that love and light and instead choose to act out of fear, hatred, greed, worry or anxiety. But it is not your job nor is it effective in ANY way to try and shout that down or push against. In fact by doing so you make what you are NOT wanting stronger. Instead choose to focus on your desire. What IS wanted. Promote the change you want to see! Support the avenues for justice and compassion with your words, deeds, finances and actions. It is OK to recognize what is unwanted. Just don’t attempt to battle against. Instead EMPOWER yourself by promoting, supporting and feeding your desires. In that world the darkness fades because the light and love of who you are shines so bright nothing else can be seen.

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