Channeled Message

Did a channeling session this morning where I asked my guides further details about this concept I've been sharing about SOURCE ENERGY. Love what they had to say...

"Everything that exists has at it's CORE the spark of Creator, Love Energy. The highest vibration that exists. So this idea of 'raising vibration' is false. You are merely clearing the blocks and barriers to your FULL expression of being-ness. Plants, animals, rocks and boulders don't think about raising or lowering their vibration, they JUST EXIST and EXPRESS. This is why you feel so calmed and relaxed in nature. It brings you back to the roots of who you are internally. This energy that flows through you, that flows through all creation IS that SOURCE energy you often define through the FEELING of LOVE, JOY, BLISS, CALM. So why would you ever stray from that pure positive FEELING and EXPRESSION of life? Because the only way you can KNOW or UNDERSTAND or FEEL the essence of it is if you are aware of the lack of or that which is not. THE GREAT CONTRAST. But do not confuse CONTRAST with some sort of SOURCE. It is a FIELD OF CREATION with which SOURCE energy can exist within and express itself. There has been some debate in your mind about whether there is a SOURCE of NEGATIVE energy as much as there is a SOURCE of POSITIVE. We say rather than defining these concepts as positive and negative that you define them as WANTED and UNWANTED. All EXISTS as PURE INFINITE ENERGY. That is then wielded throughout your universe into various Creations. One of you called this great energy a NEUTRAL ENERGY, and we would expand that to say it is PURE POSITIVE SOURCE ENERGY that you might CHOOSE to wield in any ways. YOU on your planet then judge these creations as WANTED and UNWANTED and DEFINE them as POSITIVE and NEGATIVE. These definitions then change and grow as your UNIVERSE expands and grows in it's expression. And there is much variety even on your planet as to what is deemed good or bad. To one it is judged GOOD to another it is judged BAD, but the underlying expression of all is merely SOURCE ENERGY, your goal as a species, as a planet, as a universe is to expand the creative expression of that SOURCE ENERGY and the closer that vibrational expression is to the PURE POSITIVE FEELING of LOVE the more CREATIVE POWER you have in that EXPRESSION. SPIRIT, SOURCE ENERGY does not dictate how you should create or even WHAT you should create, but merely provides a pure positive flow of DIVINE LOVE with which you may align or block in the creative expression of your lives."

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