Ruffled Feathers

Boy did I ruffle some feathers the other day when I said there was NO SOURCE of EVIL! People want so desperately for there to be some SATAN or DEVILS or DEMONS that they can blame all the BAD STUFF that happens in the world on, instead of TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for what WE as a people have created through our actions, and focused thought, and RESISTANCE. It is much easier to blame some nebulous off planet REPTILIANS, or EVIL INCARNATE, than to recognize that EVERY individual is responsible for creating their own reality and that we either allow the energy of SPIRIT to flow through us or we block it and create trouble for ourselves and others in our disconnection. It is also VITALLY important for us to see THE SPARK OF CREATOR in ALL BEINGS!! Even those you have judged as EVIL on this planet still have the SPARK OF CREATOR, LOVE, GOD at their core. They've just blocked so much of that light out that they aren't capable of acting in a loving way. But for us to hurl hate and anger towards them only intensifies the BLOCKS that they are experiencing. The ones we judge as 'most evil' on our planet are the ones that need our LOVE the most, because they are the ones who have BLOCKED themselves off from CREATOR the most.

So does that mean we accept that which we deem as EVIL and just ignore what they are doing??? No, I'm not saying that at all. But PUSHING AGAINST, RILING UP HATE and JUDGEMENT against these perpetrators only INTENSIFIES the blocks and barriers they have to connecting to their own connection to SOURCE. LOVE ALL, with the GREATEST LOVE you can muster, and PROMOTE WHAT YOU DESIRE, PROMOTE WHAT YOU WANT as opposed to pushing against what you do not. If WE would spend even HALF the time PROMOTING LOVE, SOLUTIONS, EMPOWERMENT and our CLEAR CONNECTION to SOURCE as we do SHOUTING DOWN THE ENEMY, FIGHTING AGAINST THE OTHER, HATING THE EVIL in the world, we would have made VASTLY LARGER IMPROVEMENTS to the WELL-BEING of ALL! But it's way easier for us to try and SHOUT DOWN THE DEVIL than it is to find SOLUTIONS and SPREAD LOVE IN THE WORLD! Change your mind change your world, shift your focus, shift your creation. It's time for those of us who are WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT/LOVE in this world to stop fighting INVISIBLE ENEMIES and START PROMOTING the SOLUTIONS and LOVE that WE SEEK to SEE IN THIS WORLD! So Mote It Be, And So it IS done!

PLEASE NOTE: I speak these words for MYSELF as much as I do for you. I'm inspired by Spirit to write these words even though I claim them as my own, because I'm the one who has interpreted them. I am learning and growing every day, just as you are. I recognize we are all at different levels of our learning and understanding as I too am growing and learning every day. If you find words I speak unsettling to you, try and determine why instead of feeling the need to fire back. Either way know that I see you and recognize you and honor where you are coming from whether we agree or not. Big Hugs & Aloha!

Brian Borell

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