There is NO source of EVIL. There is only WELL-BEING & LIGHT and THAT WHICH BLOCKS IT from flowing. Which most often times is our own thoughts, our own fears our own BELIEFS about the world around us. This nonsense of trying to PROTECT against 'evil' or clearing other's negative energy all puts the blame on that which is outside of the self. When in actuality the only thing that EVER blocks our flow of well-being is OURSELVES. NO THING AND NO ONE can effect you EXCEPT to the degree that YOU allow it to BLOCK your access to the NEVER ENDING FLOW of well-being in your life. Sage doesn't clear negative energy from you being-ness. Sage clears THAT WHICH IS BLOCKING the flow of well-being from coming to you. ENERGY implies movement, WILL, VOLITION and MOMENTUM. That which is blocking the flow of well-being has none of that. It only becomes more and more and more as we allow the stock pile of our thoughts to 'vibrate' in a way that block that GOOD that is is ALWAYS flowing to us from coming. I hear people talk about 'clearing negative people' from their lives as if that will somehow free them from the blocks and barrier they are creating for themselves. THE ONLY REASON you feel NEGATIVE (or blocking) vibrations from ANYONE around you is because you allow yourself to focus enough on their discord that it resonates and matches blocking discord that YOU have within YOURSELF Thus creating MORE blockages to the never ending flow of SOURCE energy that is ALWAYS coming to you!!! That's why it FEELS SO BAD! Because the greater our blockages are the greater the flow of energy from source becomes as it builds up and builds up and builds up. When you FINALLY release those blockages the DELUGE of POSITIVE GOOD FEELING ENERGY you will receive from CREATOR is absolutely life-giving and empowering.

You can't PROTECT yourself from BLOCKING the flow. You can only RELEASE RESISTANCE so every good thing you want and desire can come flooding to you. Stop resonating with everyone else's resistance and calling it 'negative energy'. And start taking responsibility for allowing all the good that is waiting for you to come rushing into your experience!! Even when something you judge as 'bad' has happened to you, Spirit is immediately flowing a solution to you, if you will get out of your head enough to ALLOW the WELL-BEING to come. This is HOW we are meant to be living our lives. We experience the CONTRAST and we adjust our focus always following the stream of well-being, the path of least resistance. Just like a river moving across the land. The water's don't barrel through rocks and barriers that come across their path, they just simply flow around them. And the momentum ebbs and flows but continues ON and ON and ON! There is sooo much resistance in your world around you today, we've literally turned our selves into a pressure cooker PUSHING AGAINST AND PUSHING AGAINST, when if you just ALLOW YOURSELF TO FLOW you will SEE SO CLEARLY the opportunities being presented to you JUST AROUND THAT BOULDER you are trying so earnestly to shove your way through. Quiet your mind, LISTEN and allow the flow of WELL-BEING to rush you forward in just the right direction for you. And soon the momentum of your positive flowing well-being will take you to new heights of LIVING you never thought possible!!! SO LET IT BE!

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