Law of Attraction Focus & Clearing False Belief Systems

May 5, 2020

Today's video is on FOCUS. I've noticed again another influx of people talking about 'conspiracy theories' and trying to place blame on others. Some factions are for one side of the argument and others who are strongly opposed and both sides are vehemently pushing against one another and NO ONE is happy in their pushing against one side or another. I would like to offer you an alternative. In this Law of Attraction based Universe, we know that we can either spiral in one of two directions. We can either spiral TOWARD what it is we want or AWAY from what we want, based COMPLETELY on the direction or FOCUS of our thought. In ANY given moment you can stop and ask yourself this question. Is the current direction of my THOUGHT that I am focusing on IN THIS MOMENT moving me TOWARD what it is I want or BLOCKING it and holding me apart. The easiest way to answer this question is by checking your emotions. If the thoughts you are currently focused on are making you feel EXCITED, MOTIVATED, LOVING, EXHILARATED, HAPPY, or SATISFIED, then you can be fairly certain you are moving in the direction of what it is that you DESIRE. IF on the other hand, the emotions you are feeling are RESISTANCE, ANXIETY, WORRY, ANGER, HATRED, or FRUSTRATION then you are BLOCKING or resisting the wonderful beneficial energy that is calling you toward your desires. The mind can only focus in one direction or one thought at a time. This is a scientific fact (Google it). So we know that if we are focused in a way that is not making us feel good in any moment of time then we are SELF-BLOCKING our Source and all the beneficial life-giving energy that brings to us. Now, I'm not saying that we should never ever think a thought that makes us 'feel bad' or recognize a thought that is pointing something out that we do not want. HOWEVER, once we have discovered the discord LET IT GO!! We need not chew the thoughts inside and out until we are devastated emotionally. Move the direction of the FOCUS of your thought away from the unwanted and TOWARD what is wanted. And for heaven's sake don't FEED yourself with conspiracy theories and FEAR-BASED belief systems that make you feel disconnected and completely dis-empowered. There IS NO ASSERTION in this attraction based Universe. NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING TO YOU that you have not already called into your experience vibrationally speaking. Even if it is TRUE, it does NOT have to affect you negatively. You, THROUGH THE POWER OF YOUR FOCUS, can shift ANY EXPERIENCE into one of benefit, no matter what anyone or even multitudes of others may be experiencing around you. In the second part of this video, I send out clearing energy for FALSE BELIEFS and FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS. A belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking. And as that belief is thought upon more and more and you find evidence to support that belief through the law of attraction, it can then develop into a belief system. And we can often develop FALSE BELIEF systems merely by thinking a thought over and over again whether it has a basis in reality or not. The FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM then regulates our experiences because we only will allow manifestations into our lives that line up with these erroneous beliefs. This can block us from MANY MANY beneficial experiences because our energy field will not allow them to come into existence. This CLEARING OF FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS allows you a brief moment of clarity energetically so that NEW more BENEFICIAL beliefs can come in and take their place. Hopefully before you re-establish the false belief system again. Haha. We are all doing extremely well considering the magnitude of disruption to our lives we are experiencing on the planet right now. Allow yourself to take this opportunity to realign your focus, to clear any false belief systems, and to allow Source energy to once again move you toward the desires of your heart.
Big Hugs & Aloha
Brian Borell – Spirit Speaker



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