Clearing Energies of Conflict

April 7, 2020

I've had a couple people asking me about energetic vibrational work to help people with seasonal allergies and lung/nasal congestion symptoms. While I don't work directly with 'healing' of the physical body, there are lots of things we can do spiritually and energetically to bring ourselves into alignment with source energy so that our physical apparatus can then benefit. One of the things I have done for myself, to help me ease my allergy symptoms, is a spiritual clearing of "ENERGIES OF CONFLICT". This is one of the main vibrational/spiritual contributors to allergic reactions in the body. As you can imagine, we are all having an increased experience of energies of conflict within our body mind field complex as we are dealing with the dilemmas currently facing our world. In this video I take you through the clearings of "ENERGIES of CONFLICT" and then I do a specific "LUNG CHAKRA" cleansing, opening and re-energizing. Both of these clearings have helped me immensely with my personal seasonal allergy symptoms.





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