Physical Isolation - Spiritual Unification

March 30, 2020

 I've been hearing some of my spiritual friends begin murmurings of conspiracy theories and blame or judgments about what we're experiencing now. The 'Evil' that needs to be 'fought'. Secret Facebook groups are popping up to discuss what needs to be done to “Fight” or “Overcome” or “Rise UP” take back our “Power”. While I understand the sentiment of being empowered over yourself and your experience on this planet, I believe the idea of a need to FIGHT something, to RESIST something, to BEAT the 'Evil' or whatever 'DEMON' people have chosen to name this circumstance can be detrimental. It is that exact thought form that has brought us to this experience in the first place. We are always FIGHTING something, which does nothing more than build resistance energy so that whatever we are FIGHTING becomes stronger. Once we beat down this “demon”, another one rises to take its place. We have seen this happen over and over throughout our history as humans. We now stand at a turning point in history where FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER the entire planet is being effected by the same experience at nearly the same exact time, and we are ALL aware of it! So, we as a people AND ESPECIALLY SPIRITUAL PEOPLE have an opportunity, and dare I say RESPONSIBILITY, to turn the focus AWAY FROM FIGHTING and TOWARD UNITING. We are at a very important point in our spiritual creation as a society where we have a choice of turning TOWARD LOVE & UNIFICATION or into separation and fighting against. I encourage each and every one of you to take responsibility for this world we have created together and instead of looking for someone outside of yourself to BLAME start looking for someone outside of yourself to LOVE. Share your support, share your kindness, share your understanding, share your commitment to UNIFYING the world in LOVE and HARMONY and UNDERSTANDING! This is where we can be of the greatest benefit to both ourselves and each other. The world is waking up SPIRITUALLY in an unprecedented way that we have NEVER had the capacity or ability to share in together before. Let us not squander this opportunity trying to fight against some invisible foe, but rather let us come together to help support one another in LOVE and UNIFICATION.


Big Hugs & Aloha - Brian

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