Love In The Forest

March 14, 2020

Yesterday I went for a walk in the woods. As an empath, I was feeling funky with all the energy that's been going on this week. I asked Spirit for the clearings I needed that would help me balance my vibrational field and realign with Source energy. After I did the clearings I could feel the shift almost immediately, so I decided to record and transmit the codes and frequencies I used on video so anyone who wanted to have access to these clearings could connect. Find a quiet place to center yourself and then as you watch the video do slow and easy clearing breaths in the nose and out the mouth as directed. You should feel a shift in energy almost immediately. For me, I had a greater sense of calm and a centered feeling of solidity. As you move through the next few weeks if you find any feelings of fear or panic re-emerge you can re-access these codes simply by taking a few slow and easy clearing breaths in the nose and out the mouth. Finally, at the end of the video I send integration codes for unconditional love for self and compassion towards others. During this time it is very important for us to remember our self-worth and to embrace ourselves fully with unconditional love while we treat others with compassion and kindness. If we can remember these two very important states of being, we can easily move through any situations we encounter.

Big Hugs & Aloha,




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