Lonely, But Never Alone - Redwoods

August 3, 2019

          My first impression of the Redwoods was ancient wisdom. I would soon come to understand that wasn't necessarily the case. Language started flooding through me the moment I drove into the forested hills. It was intense. It was relentless. It was pleading. Once again the message seemed to be almost begging for us to reconnect, to allow the energy of nature to flow through us once again. I was driving, so I couldn't shut my eyes to visualize the messages. I could only feel. And it was a sense of urgency, a sense of desire, a longing to FEEL. At one point I heard almost crystal clear “We know it's too late for you to turn back your cell phones, but at least use them as a tool to empower your reconnection to the earth. We're not asking you to let go of them completely, just allow yourselves to disconnect enough that you can realign, realign, realign...” the message trailed off again with the words REALIGN repeating over and over. More Language, tears, more language. 

          Camping among the Redwoods I was alone, truly alone, for the first time in quite some time. I've been single going on 2 years now, but usually having family and friends close or at least nearby seemed to sooth that utter sense of loneliness. But, here in the woods, with these massive trees, the silence of nature and the powerful energy of these great beings every feeling I was having intensified. I tried to embrace it, to feel my center, but still the gnawing sense of aloneness remained. What was this? I kept asking myself as I started to mourn past lovers and love lost, relationships that could have worked out, but didn't. The deep longing I've always had for my soul mate, my divine complement, that perfect partner who has yet to show up in my life. The energy of whom I feel I've tasted, or come close to, or had a brief moment with, but then, poof.. it was gone, they were gone. I shifted, they shifted, we both shifted. So I reached out for answers, texted a friend or two. Got some responses, nothing satisfied, nothing felt relieving. Alone, you're all alone.


          The next day was the anniversary of my nephew's passing. I continued my journey through the Redwoods, this time feeling a little less alone. I could sense his energy near me as I contemplated the time of my life that had passed since he passed. I distinctly remember how much that loss impacted the trajectory of my life. It gave me such a deep appreciation, not only for him and the connection we had during his life but also for my own life and the choices I have made, that I would make, that I will make. I knew that every moment I lived was precious and that I needed to treasure each one fully and completely. The moments I lived and EVERY moment I got to share with the friends and family around me. Each one precious and rewarding, because you never know when that moment may be the last... tears started to flow, I walked some more. I came upon a tattered old tree stump with a hollowed out center and deep inside a beautiful white feather. I laughed, recognizing the subtle but insistent reminder, “It's not the last moment... it's never the last moment.” Finding feathers has always been a sign to me that I'm on the right path, that my guides are close. And this feather deep inside a dead hollowed out tree stump was that and something more. My nephew reminding me that he's not gone.  He's very much alive in his new form.  Life IS precious, every moment we have to spend together here in these physical shells we call human-being is absolutely priceless. However, we never TRULY lose anyone. We are never TRULY alone. If we tap into the subtle vibrations of the energy surrounding us. If we get far enough away from the distractions of our day to day living and feel the energy of nature around us, we will tap into something even deeper. First, the energy of our connection to all living beings, human, animal and nature. Then, the spirit plane that moves in and around and through us all the time. Those who have gone before and where we are all eventually going. But, we don't have to wait until we transition from these physical bodies to have this connection, this communication, this relationship. It is right here for us every day. Just step out into the woods and a way from your worldly reminders of all the things that occupy your mind and you will feel it, sense it, hear it, see it... maybe just a white feather on your path. But you will see. And you will know.

          So I tapped in again for another Language of Light session. This time feeling the energy of my nephew in spirit, my guides and all the 'ancient' ones that lived among these trees. And the message came through so clearly. “You look to us as the ancient ones, you see us as the wise beings who have lived so long on the physical plane. 500, 1000, yes some of us even 2000 years. But, it is not us who are the ancient ones. YOU are the ancient ones. When you reach into the depth of your spiritual being-ness, you will discover the ancient wisdom that resides within you. This is where all the knowledge you seek exists. We are here only as witnesses to the stories YOU are telling. The stories YOU are sharing with the world and yes the entire universe around you.” I walked away from that session feeling more loved and at one with myself than I have in a long time. I was learning, I am learning. I'm beginning to discover the ancient wisdom within my own being. In that understanding, I'm beginning to truly recognize, not only am I never alone, but I also have access to everything and everyone that has ever existed just through the connection to my humanity on this planet. And that is a treasured connection that can never be lost.  I may at times feel lonely, but I am most assuredly never ever alone.


          If you're interested in following my journey of Language of Light Coast to Coast, please see my new website & blog. I will post the videos of my Language of Light sessions in each of the sacred locations I am visiting along the way. I am also asking for financial support on this journey to help me with travel expenses. This will give you access to all the videos and other goodies through each tier of giving. You can see the breakdown and make your donation on my website here:


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