My ꓕƎꓘϽՈꓭ Love Living Life List!

July 11, 2019

          While chatting with a friend earlier today about my cross country road trip from California to Ohio that I'm planning for later this summer he mentioned something similar was on his ‘bucket list’. I laughed and said I don’t like that phrase.  It infers that we are in this great rush to ‘hurry up’ and do a bunch of stuff before times up and we never get a chance to do it again. I've actually been hearing this phrase a lot lately and every time I hear it my skin crawls.  A young friend of mine said it to me a couple weeks ago and I exclaimed, "You're so young, why are you even thinking about 'kicking the bucket'?!?!?"  He looked at me perplexed and didn't even know what I was talking about.  He just thought it was a list of cool activities that you (figuratively speaking) "Put into a bucket..."  LOL I explained to him where the phrase came from and what it actually meant.  He started laughing too and said he had no idea that's what it meant.  While I do understand that most people use the term 'innocently' and don't really think of it as anything more than a catchphrase it's still important to understand some of the energy that these types of ideas and phrases carry with them energetically and vibrationally.  It implies several things I just don’t believe in.  

          First it promotes “Time shortage consciousness”. This is the belief that we only have a short time of life and we better do what we want now or it's never going to happen YOLO (You only live once) is a popular catchphrase that young people have picked up with a very similar sentiment.  This type of energy can make you feel rushed, fearful and even depressed if you're not able to achieve your desires right this moment.  If the desire is strong, and the focus is clear, Spirit will provide a way for you to achieve whatever it is you are wanting no matter what age you happen to be.  Trusting in this process of the universe allows us to easily and smoothly move into our desires exactly when the time is right.  Even though this trip has been something I have wanted to do for a very long time, the flow and timing of when and how it happens is important for the experience to be everything I want it to be.  If it were rushed or came out of a place of fear then the experience would have that energy connected to it. 

          The second thing a 'bucket list' implies is that “Death is a bad thing and once you die it’s all over.”  Buzz. Wrong answer.  Not only is death a wonderful transition, we also have the opportunity to connect to the earth through our loved ones after our passing.  Yes, this is from a different perspective but it is a very real and very important aspect of our Spiritual being-ness.  We also have the ability to reincarnate back into this physical life over and over again. So these experiences you are so worried about having or not having have and will be open to us eternally.  But what if you don't believe in reincarnation?  Or that we have spiritual bodies that can connect and participate in the earth plane experience even after death? Even if you don’t believe that either of these is the case what benefit is there for you to measure everything you do in your life against death?  That seems to me a very depressing way to live. Why not just enjoy every moment for what it has to offer and leave the bucket out of it.  I'm going to LOVE LIVING MY LIFE no matter what LIST I'm doing my activities from.  So my friend’s response to me after my mini tirade was, “Well then, Enjoy your 'epic crossing of the Earth's crustal surface that piques your interest because it sounds so fun' journey".  LOL  I'll take  that over bucket list any day.  Here's to checking everything off on your LOVE LIVING MY LIFE LIST, not just once but twice!!


Big Hugs & Aloha - Brian

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