What is Spirit Trying To Hide From You?

February 18, 2019

          Yesterday morning while I was getting ready to go to Mystic Float for my afternoon reading sessions I was frantically running around the house looking for a set of amulet stones that I had brought back with me from Hawai'i.  As part of my spirit connection readings I give each person an amulet stone that I connect with the energy of their spirit guide and it allows them to tap back into that energy at a later time.  I knew I had brought them back with me and had remembered seeing them when I unpacked my bags, but every place I looked they were nowhere to be found.  I only had a few minutes left before I was going to be late for my first appointment and I didn't have time to continue scouring the house.  I felt this weird sort of calm about it, a kind of knowing that for whatever reason I just wasn't supposed to find these amulets.  I was frustrated but decided not to let it affect me.  I grabbed my bag and shoved a couple last-minute items into it when I saw an alabaster pyramid sitting on my dresser.  "Take that". The thought came to me...  I can give her the pyramid.  It's not the amulet stone, but it was 'something'.  I grabbed it and shoved it into my bag feeling relieved that I at least had something.

          My relationship sessions went great and my last session for the afternoon was the spirit guide connection where I was supposed to give away the amulet stone.  We went through the session and incredible information was coming through.  Florence had been to a Language of Light group session I had years ago so she was very open to the messages as they were being shared with her.  Toward the end of the session she revealed to me that she had a partner who had recently passed and a lot of the information that was being presented was pertinent to that situation. I felt a strong inclination to channel the energy of her passed over partner and could feel his presence very close in the room. I explained to her how his energy would feel differently than it was when he was here on the earth plane, but if she tapped into the essence of who he was spiritually she would be able to connect and sense his presence. As I began to channel his energy I suddenly felt an urge to grab the pyramid I had brought at the last-minute for Florence. I placed it on my heart and a couple other key locations and explained how he was telling me that when she wanted to feel connected with his energy she should place this pyramid on these locations and feel the energy there. Some more information came through, but this was the bulk of the message. I opened my eyes and tears were streaming down Florence's face. She explained to me how her partner was connected to pyramids and the mysteries of Egypt and had even created a paper pyramid that she now had with her at home. I was just blown away. I shared with her my story about the amulets and how I couldn't find them, but was inspired by Spirit to bring the pyramid. I asked her later if I could share her story and she happily agreed.

          After all these years you would think I would not be so surprised when something like this happens, but I still find myself in utter amazement at how Spirit can guide us into these perfect synchronicities. When I got back home I walked into my room and within minutes found the bag of amulets that just hours earlier I could not SEE. Then I started wondering how many other opportunities I might have missed or did not turn out quite as incredibly as they could have because I wanted to control the situation. What areas in our lives is Spirit trying to gently nudge us toward or away from in order to allow us to have a more beneficial experience in our life?  Are we truly open to where Spirit is guiding us or do we have such a need to control our lives and the circumstances that surround us that we are missing out on incredible situations? The more we are able to give up that tight control around the experiences we are having and as we allow Spirit to guide us in those gentle loving ways, the more we will manifest the life we are wanting to have. It's all being laid out before us, we just have to stop searching for what we don't need and reach out and grab what is right there in front of us.


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