The Importance of Unconditional Love

February 15, 2019

        As I was contemplating Valentine's Day and really musing over what the holiday means and exactly what LOVE is I started to think about unconditional love. I've been single now for nearly a year and a half. And I think I'm finally OK with being on my own. I'm thankful that I've always been able to remain friends with my exes. Even though things didn't work out for us long-term there's a connection that still remains and we share a bond of experiences that I will never share with anyone else. This is really true of all of our friends and family members as well, but especially those with whom you have had an intimate relationship, no matter how short or how long. Those connections and the energy they created remain with us a lifetime. How many times have you gone back to a certain location or favorite vacation spot that you visited with a loved one and all the memories and feelings of that connection just come flooding back in. Or maybe a special song or even a movie you shared together. Those emotions and feelings affect us in a very deep way vibrationally and can even change our mood instantaneously especially if there are a lot of negative feelings surrounding the person that is connected to the place or event. This is why it's so important for us to clear out any discord surrounding a past love or relationship that may have gone sour. So how do you do that? This is where unconditional love comes into play. At the core of each of us is the soul and spirit of a being that comes from source energy, God the Universe or whatever you want to call it. No matter how wrong we feel we were treated or how horrible a break-up was, if you can remember that the core of this person is the pure loving essence of source then we can remember why we fell in love with this person in the first place. Ultimately every love relationship or even friendship or family connection that we have, when we feel LOVE, we are connecting to the source energy of who we are and who the person we are connecting with is. This is why it is so easy for us to love our animals. They emanate this source energy in a very powerful way and are seldom burdened with any type of judgments or memories of past hurts and afflictions. They LOVE you unconditionally and even when we scold them, they will forget that almost as quickly as it occurred and come running back the moment you reach out your arms to them again. Wouldn't it be nice if we could treat each other in this loving quick to forgive way? When we are able to look past the exterior of who we are and get to the core, the spirit, the heart of our connections with each other, we can always find something to love and we can leave behind all the past hurts, emotional scars and pains we have felt. And if you can't find it in yourself to love humans that way just quite yet, then find a furry creature to practice your affections on and before long you'll find yourself learning from them how to reach out unconditionally and just love for the sake of loving. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!



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