How to have a Happy New Year

January 1, 2019


I’ve been inspired to write about messages I’m receiving about 2019 and beyond. For many of you (myself included) 2018 was a major transitional year, lots of huge changes emotionally, physically and spiritually. Some of you transitioned careers, some of you made big moves and others had relationship changes. These changes may have left you feeling a bit confused or even shocked, but you’re striding forward in a way that you never have before. The big lesson of 2018 was deep and utter trust. Trust of yourself, trust of the universe, trust in the knowing that even when it doesn’t look like it everything IS always working out for you. As we step into 2019 and beyond that keyword of trust will become a major factor to creating a smooth sailing journey. Allow yourself to move into every moment looking for anything within that moment to find joy. Life is made up of moments. And if you’re actively seeking to find joy in the individual moments of your life then it will begin to tip the scales and soon we will start to realize that we’re just living a happy fulfilling life. Too many times we reserve ‘joy’ for the special moments of our lives and the rest we trudge through like work. When in actuality the joyful moments are supposed to be the norm! So for 2019 I challenge you to find the joy in your moments. Piece by piece. It’s way easier than you might think. Today I will find satisfaction in myself, I will find satisfaction in you, I will find satisfaction in the world around me, moment by moment by choosing to look for that which I can feel joy about through every moment of my day. We’re so used to ‘judging’ everything and looking for what’s wrong in the world around us that we’ve forgotten that we can also look for what’s right. There’s something wonderful in every person, in every situation and in every experience. Start looking for the joy in life and 2019 will be your happiest year yet. Happy New Year everyone. Let’s come together and really make it a HAPPY one.  

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