Meditation: The New Age Community’s Dirty Little Secret.

August 2, 2018


 One of the first questions I ask people when I have an appointment or gathering is, Do you meditate every day? I get a varied response, but it’s often a mix of ‘I try, Occasionally, When I have time...’ which approximates to the real truth which is, ‘I know I should be, but I don’t’. The spiritual community all knows how absolutely vital a daily meditation practice is, but in truth very few rarely practice it on a daily basis or they substitute it with guided meditations, yoga, group or active meditation. While also beneficial those practices still don’t come close to the benefits of DAILY silent personal meditation of clearing the mind of all thought. What is it about meditation that makes it so difficult for us to truly take the 15-20 minutes a day to quiet our mind? As much as I preach the practice I too find myself going days or even weeks at a time without meditating. In fact I ‘avoided’ my meditation session today to write this. Lol. 😂 Because most spiritual people are deep thinkers, creative types and empaths we are very connected with our thinking brain. And because of the intensity of that momentum we have resistance to shutting that process down. If even for a short while. But it is just that intensity that makes meditation such a vital and important part of our process. Our brains need a reboot, a pause button, An opportunity to relax so our higher self and our spiritual helpers can have an opportunity to connect with us. Taking the 15-20 minutes a day to listen to a fan or an ac unit and allow our minds and bodies to completely relax is essential to any spiritual practice. This type of ‘releasing thought’ allows your mind and body to resonate at your true vibrational level. When you’re not introducing any thought into the mix you’re not introducing any resistance and once resistance is gone everything you desire starts to move more quickly into your life. Taking this short 15-20 minute mind-break on a daily basis will allow this space of non-resistance to become more and more prominent throughout your day so that not only are you receiving the benefits during the meditation itself, but also throughout the hours beyond. The more you stick with the practice, the more benefit you will receive. So what exactly is a silent meditation. It’s simple. You find a comfortable position in a place with no distractions. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes and listen to some ‘white noise’ of your choice. A fan or an ac unit works well. I suggest not to listen to music because music elicits emotion and emotion can elicit thoughts and feelings, and the idea here is to clear the mind as much as possible. You can count your breaths or listen to your breathing, whatever allows you to get into the softest place of non-thought. As your mind wanders (and it will) just gently bring it back to focus on the sound of the fan, your breath etc. The more often you keep up the practice the easier it will become. Even if you’re only able to get 2-3 minutes out of the 20 in truly clear mind space it will be incredibly beneficial and you’ll begin seeing the shift almost immediately. The key here, as in any good practice, is consistency. The more consistent you are the more benefits you will experience and the deeper spiritual connections you will be having across the board. Meditation truly is the foundational aspect to any and all spiritual practices and if we truly want to expand and grow in our spiritual lives it is vital for us to take this daily time to meditate. Ok. Enough delay for me. Going to go practice what I preach! Big Hugs & Aloha. -Brian 

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