2017 Projection Reading

December 31, 2016

Here is my 2017 Projection Reading!


          2017 will be a year of triumphs and losses. As I began to peer into the energy of the New Year to write this projection I was blown away by the immense positive energy that I could feel waiting for us. This energy rivals that of the year 2012/13 shift and the millennial energies that exploded through 2000/01. In a lot of ways this positive vibrational space is more intense because it is building off of the well-established groundwork that has already been laid in the 2-3 other major ascension shifts we've already had over the last couple decades. I see huge fortunes being gained by you, large influxes of income and wonderful creative new careers. Amazing relationships are about to set the stage as a new grouping of couples in what my guides are calling RAINBOW RELATIONSHIPS are about to take the stage. Some of you have already found this rainbow relationship and 2017 will be a year of joyous celebration, for others your rainbow relationship is just around the corner and will ignite on the stage very quickly. These new relationships will bring about an incredible sense of joy, peace and prosperity for yourself and those around you. Even just being in the proximity of these special couples will create a vibrational shift in your atmosphere. The rainbow relationships can come in many forms including child parent relationships, strong friendship relationships and even business partner relationships, they are not just romantically centered. I will be talking more about these rainbow relationships as we move into 2017. Those triumphs sound incredible, but what about the losses you might ask? Isn't that a bad thing? In this case it is not. These are not losses in a traditional way that you might think 'losing' something is a negative process, but in all the right ways LOOSENING anything that no longer serves us on our journey. Yes, losing anything negative that has held a grip on you and has kept you from stepping forward on your path. Here is how things will play out. Many people have built up a lot of negative energy from rough circumstances and experiences in 2016. I've never seen so many complaints and frustrations as people shout out their disgust for 2016 and their desire for the NEW to come. While it is entirely understandable to want to step out of the old and into the new, holding yourself in a place of contempt or complaint only keeps yourself stuck in the very aspects of negative energy and manifestation that you are wanting to step out of. The positive energy wave of 2017 is so intense that any old energies that you try to hold on to through complaining, arguing, wallowing or even just talking about them will be rejected. The words my guides are using is 'violently' ejected. I asked specifically what they meant by that and here is what they said verbatim.


“In order to shift into the newness of 2017 it is of vital import that you leave anything behind that no longer serves you. No person, people, place, thing, idea or thought form that blocks you from moving forward may exist within your body mind consciousness. Any negative aspect that you attempt to hold on to will be violently expelled by your body & spirit through a myriad of ways, including sickness, ill health, fire, water, wind and rain. This is not a doomsday report, but rather a stiff warning of caution to any who might choose to fight against their own natural path of positive well-being”.


          I struggled with whether or not to include this 'warning' in my writing because I usually try to focus on positive aspects in my readings and this has such an intense energy surrounding it, but I decided I would include it in anyways and remind you that through law of attraction we are in total control of what we create and just as it is possible to create a type of negative spiral when we refuse to shift our focus from that which is going wrong, it is also possible for us to shift our thought forms to all the wonderful things around us in order to allow the manifestation of the incredible things we desire in our life. So my suggestion for you is to enter into the year 2017 with the best possible attitude you can muster. And when you are tempted to complain or moan about something negative, choose instead to look toward the light, see the wonder and beauty that surrounds you every day and train yourself to look for all those beautiful jewels. The diamonds in the rough! If this is your mantra from day to day, “I choose only to look for, talk about, and celebrate those good things I see around me every day” then soon you will know the truth of why you are here and the incredible wave of positive energy that 2017 has to offer you will come flooding into your soul. It is all here for you now, just waiting for you to open up and receive. Happy New Year! May your 2017 be blessed with all the love, fortune and good feelings you can handle!






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