Language of Light

Language of Light is a form of spiritual communication where participants are connected with their spirit guides, angels, passed over loved ones, nature spirits and interdimensional light beings.  These Spirit guided readings can be done individually or in a group setting where everyone attending is asked to participate by sharing their own visions and revelations received during the Language of Light experience. In addition to the individual readings shared in group, participants may also experience a variety of energetic healings, shifts in personal vibrational frequencies as well as deep spiritual energy alignments that occur throughout the evening's events.


Spirit Guide Connection

One of the most significant occurrences that happen during a Language of Light experience is that most participants are connected with one or more of their primary spirit guides.  These guides are helpers that participate in our lives by offering subtle and loving guidance, protection, support and assistance to lead us toward our heart's desire.  They never impose their will on our experiences, but rather offer supportive suggestions that come in the form of a random thought or an intuitive feeling that leads us toward something of benefit within our lives.  Language of Light offers a visceral gateway for you to experience and develop a deeper connection to these guides and angelic helpers.  Learning to become more aware of the spiritual guidance that we have access to on a daily basis is an incredible way to enhance the happiness and fulfillment we receive from our daily existence and also helps us to have a more clear and concise sense of direction towards our personal goals and chosen life purpose.